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Looking for an individual or group charter to catch monster walleye, some Atlantic or king salmon, or want to plan for an amazing duck hunt, contact J & J Charter Services - the experts in fishing and waterfowl hunting.

Full-service fishing guides include all rods, lures, bait, insulated tubs, transportation, and shelter equipment (as needed).  With so many of our clients coming back for more, spots can be limited. Make plans now to book with  J & J Charter Services today.

What to bring for full-service guides:

- Weather-appropriate clothing/footwear.

- Preferred food and drinks.

Forget about planning equipment and focus instead on catching a monster walleye or putting an amazing duck hunt in the books.

Charter Services

ice fishing 6.jpg
Guided Ice Fishing

Full-service ice fishing for individuals and groups on  Saginaw Bay. 

More Salmon.jpg
Guided Salmon Fishing

Experience the fight of an Atlantic or King Salmon on the end of your line with the experts at J & J Charter Services.

Guided Walleye Fishing

Enjoy a day out on the water catching monster walleye on Saginaw Bay, Lake Erie or Lake St. Clair.

Other Guided Fishing Services

J & J Charter Services offers a variety of guided fishing services in addition to their renowned walleye and salmon trips.

Having a good time duck hunting..jpg
Guided Duck Hunting

Expert waterfowl hunting guides take you out to key spots for a rememberable hunting experience. 

birding photo.jpg
Private Boat Service for Birders

Let us take you out along the Saginaw Bay Birding Trail in search of American Bald Eagles and notable songbirds.

Private Leisure Boat Service

Take in beautiful Saginaw Bay on a private boat ride to enjoy the scenery or a local concert from the water.

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